Chinese PDF eBook

It is becoming more common for publishers to create E versions of their books in addition to the standard printed version. This has the advantage that the publication will reach a broader readership at little extra cost.

Chinese typesetting for PDF eBook

Apart from providing the print-ready PDF for the client, I can also provide a PDF eBook suitable for publishing online. In general, the PDF eBook I deliver will be identical to the print version of the publication. However, the client may opt to use a different font for the eBook, for example, for font license reasons. If so, the two documents will be slightly different.

David Tsai PDF eBook logo In creating the PDF eBook I will:

  • Add TOC (Table of contents), bookmarks and links
  • Add metadata for search purposes
  • Optimise the PDF for file size
  • Add restrictions for editing if needed
  • Add PDF encryption if needed
  • Add buttons for interaction if needed
  • Remove hidden information if needed
  • Create Form and Signatures if needed

If you are thinking of having your publications typeset in Chinese or Japanese for printing and a PDF eBook for publishing online, or looking for a typesetter/DTP operator to work side-by-side with you, get in touch. You'll be glad you did!

Ebook is a digital book, an electronic file. The formats are .pdf, .epub and .mobi.

PDF eBook

The width-fixed PDF is still one of the most popular format and widely used in publishing. The PDF eBook ensures your publication looks exactly the same as the print version, across all devices.

EPUB eBook

EPUB (electronic publication) is an open standard for electronic book (e-book) publishing, set up by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum), based on HTML.

EPUB is designed for “reflowable” content, which means that an EPUB reader can adjust a book's contents to fit one's device.

MOBI eBook

MOBI file is the ebook file used by Amazon's Kindle. The Kindle format (AZW3, KF8 and KFX) is a proprietary format exclusively used on Kindle devices.

Which eBook format?

For a graphics-intensive document containing a lot of artwork, for example paintings, images...etc, PDF eBook is a better choice. However, EPUB and MOBI are both good at handling text-intensive books.