Digital typesetting for printing

For a truly effective multilingual publication using today's DTP software, it is essential to employ a designer or typesetter skilled in the typesetting traditions associated with the language concerned. Without this input, your ideas maybe wrongly expressed due to cultural unawareness, leading to confusion or misinterpretation.

Who’s talking?

Hello, I am David Tsai, based in London, with over 20 years experience in print design. My expertise and skills in design and type layout will ensure your Chinese typography delivers a better, more balanced and harmonious look and feel.

Who I work with

I work for a wide range of clients, including notable organisations in the public and private sectors, in the UK and internationally (see Work).


I can provide a realistic cost estimate on seeing your material. I work with all major file formats and guarantee to deliver to your timeline. Contact david@dtsai.uk. I will respond to all equires promptly.

Simplified and traditional Chinese typesetting and characters lettering

Variations in the Chinese font Songti

Variations in the Chinese font Sonti glyphs design

The differences

Glyph designs vary subtly from one font developer to another. Illustrated on the left are variants of one character in font Songti, all with the same size and weight.